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<3 - Sumetai hitomi de sora o mitsumeteru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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<3 [Mar. 25th, 2004|10:09 pm]
[Kishoku |exhaustedexhausted]
[Currently Jamming to |Utada Hikaru - First Love]

To say the least, these past few days have been great.

Today: School. Feild Trip to the mall to see that movie with the horses. -shudder-
Being as afraid of horses as I am, I decided to sleep. Around 2 hrs of sleep during school hours. Mucho luvo. <3 I was kind of upset that almost the whole school was going to the mall, originaly supposed to eat at the food court. I'm extremely uncomfortable having all those retards in my mall. >=\ -overly protective-
Left the mall. Ate Pizza and got jipped for my cassshh. Left School.

Home. Online. Walked to Justin's with.. who else but Justin? o.o
Ayumi Hamasaki Mix = Mucho luvo. Justin was being a pain in the ass and said he wanted to watch Samurai X and I didn't. Then I said to put it in 'cause he wanted to watch it but no, he had to argue! But I won so, we watched Samurai X...kind of.. I fell asleep. =\
Watched MXC. Came home. Ate Ramen.


School. Came out of school & Felisha was there. We Decided to roam the city... Then we got hungry and sought out money. Ended up on Chancery & Union & Emerson & such. Got Ethan Sean and Alex. Came to my house. got money. Went to the caffiteria across the street. Sean was being a dumbass. Food. Left. Walked Felisha home. Sat on her porch fer a whilez. Prank phone calls. Sean and Ethan left. Felisha and I played a game of DDR. I came home. yup.

Thats it..I guess.